Latest Project

 ( Completed December 24, 2011)

The Archway Painting Project
the Cumberland United Church / Cumberland United Centre for the Arts

Painting Title:
"We Are LOVE"                                                                                                                             

On schedule, On Christmas eve, my friend ( and fine technical assistant) Peter Merrick and I went up our ladders and installed the painting at the Cumberland United Chuch/ Centre for the Arts. Thanks for all of youe help Peter. . .I could not have done this project without you. The next step is to install a plexiglass cover to prevent any vandalism ( currently being fabricated)( thanks to Hutch at Indusrial Plastics for all of your gracious help and technical knowledge). The building has been 'hit' in the past and all involved do not want to see the paiting met with a similar fate...although vandals would have to get organized to do some damage... the bottom of the painting is about 7ft off the ground...projectiles would be needed( sounds like teenage fun to me). I can't imagine why anyone would be that bored, or that angery to take it out on a painting, but hey, history proves my view naieve...more thanks to Eve Mark (for approching me about the project/coordination), Julianne Kasmer (minister for Cumberland United Church), and Jim Caldwell (for your fine donation to the project), and Kroma Indusries (Vancouver) for their ultra fantastic acrylic paints.To see the painting, the Church/Centre for the Arts is located at 1st and Penrith, in Cumberland.

 in-studio photo

installation in progress

Letter from: Julianne Kasmer/Minister of Cumberland United Church
    " What a delight to come on Christmas Eve and find the new archway painting installed and looking so impressive above the entry of the church. There have been so many positive comments already from the many folks who grace our doors, both members of the congregation and the many guests who arrive simply for Christmas Eve.  The archway entrance is a wonderful addition to the impact of Cumberland United on the community.  Many, many thanks for your gift of time and talent, it will be appreciated well into the future.  Blessings to you and on your inspiring work in the year and years to come."

As of this past Friday, December 17th, the Cumberland United Church Archway Painting is done, varnished, and curing. This week coming will see a plexiglass floating cover being cut out, pieced together, and fixed to the painting. As things go, I may have been in the studio working alone, but there are some crucial people to thank. Instead of writing an incomplete list off the top off my head, I will post my thanks you's soon after the installation....which is still on course for just before December 25th as I understand it. I am excited to see it up there, beaming.

current proposal for Cumberland United Church ~ Oct. 2011

6x6 inch study for 6'6" x 6'7 1/2" ft insert

conceptual rendering for 6'6" x 6'7 1/2" insert
acrylics on 5/8 inch wood
UV protective varnish
'floating' plexiglass cover