RSM(Robert Skot McMillan) Co-MISSIONS
This website represents work that I do and have done that focuses on themes and skills of a somewhat more technical, traditional and/or commercial nature, with a focus on food.

The beauty of the comission lies within the simple reason that I become the conduit in a collaborative process between me and possibly you, my patron. I strongly encourage and thoroughly enjoy involving and working with a patron in order to help create a piece of work that ultimately ends up reflecting her/his requirements. I am always up for a new challenge.

The process usually begins with the initial idea(s) and imagery provided by the patron, followed by a brainstorming session that will include some quick sketches, materials and size considerations, and finally an agreement on costs. Every commission is unique to the patron and his/her variety of concerns and budget. A deposit of 50% of the total cost is necessary before work begins. available mediums: acrylics, oils, watercolours, graphite.
for a rustic italian bread bakery. a copy of a 14th Century Italian 'Villa' painting.   oil on plywood   5 x 3 ft(at arch)

for a new (at the time, 1995) indoor rock climbing business.
   acrylic on wood
  8 x 12 ft 

for a bakery.
4 x 8 ft chalkboard drawing and bread rack.


 for a cake and pastry busines. new delivery van in need of eye candy.
van dimensions